CALERA® development kit

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Product Overview

CALERA® development kit

The CALERA® development kit will allow you to prototype the thermal integration of our gSKIN-XU sensor into your own wearable or wearable technology.

The product is available as a:

  • Chest development kit
  • Wrist development kit

The price is available upon request: contact us either directly at for more information or by clicking here.

The CALERA® development kit is suited for a broad range of industrial wearable technologies applications as explained this short note available here. This technology was successfully integrated into Smartwatches, Smart Textile and Medical Skin Patch to perform non-invasive and continuous individual health's monitoring for patient monitoring, diagnostics and other applications. 

Features & Benefits

  • Integration solution into any wearable in contact with skin. Chest-worn or wrist-worn.
  • Accurate algorithm to determine core body temperature.
  • SMD mountable 2mm x 2mm XU sensor.

This versatile kit contains:

  • A set of gSKIN-XU sensors.
  • Sensor boards populated and unpopulated.
  • All components of greenTEG's reference design. 
  • Several kinds of thermal integration materials.
  • Reference devices for testing the quality of the integration.
  • CORE devices for testing and evaluation.
  • For wrist integration: gSKIN BodyTemp Watch.
  • Arduino + read-out algorithm.
  • Consulting hours (4 hours for chest dev. kit, 8 hours for wrist dev. kit).
  • CALERA quick start guide, warranty and manual.

Please contact us for more information, or check our thermal sensor specifications!

The CALERA® development kit can be employed with two different apps based on your application needs: 

For Sport Science and Performance: CORE app available:


The new CORE app has been re-designed from scratch and can now deliver all CORE sensor users with live and historical core body temperature data and advanced insights. The CORE app has been thought for daily users of the core body temperature monitor, with a focus on endurance sports athletes.

For Research and B2B applicatins: the CALERAresearch app is available:

The CALERAresearch app will continue to offer the existing features but in a simpler way. The app and its additional tools (USB COREtool) have been developed for researchers and B2B customers which require a more in-depth analysis of their temperature data with large volume of data from multiple core body temperature monitors.

More information is available here.

Use Cases


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