Heart Rate Monitor for CALERA/CORE

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CALERA/CORE accessory
Bluetooth & ANT+
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greenteg & many more activity tracking apps (100+)
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One size fits all
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Product Overview

For sporting or high-intensity activities a heart rate monitor needs to be paired with CORE to ensure accuracy. 

The heart rate signal delivers crucial metrics that help CORE recognise fast changes in intensity (for example a cyclist who reaches the summit, then descends). 

CALERA/CORE can be paired to most existing (current generation) heart rate monitors.

This is the CardioSport TP5 Heart Rate Monitor which has proven to be a reliable and robust solution that is compatible with CALERA/CORE.

The CardioSport Heart Rate monitor supports both ANT+ and BLE and is compatible with most sports hardware and software. 

The CardioSport TP5 comes with the strap that can be adjusted to fit. It also comes with a battery included which is replaceable and rated for 900+ hours of use. 

Please note, the CALERA/CORE device can be purchased separately and is not included. The photos are for demonstration.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review