gSKIN® Body Temp Patch

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greenTEG’s gSKIN® Body Temp Patch is the only non-invasive, continuous, and accurate core body temperature monitoring solution for research and evaluation purposes. The solution consists of a wireless patch and an Android application for downloading recorded data via Bluetooth and real time visualization of core body temperature. Multiple patches can be operated with the same smartphone. This innovative sensor has the advantage, that it compensates very nicely external influences like temperature changes or even wind. With its medical grade tape (consumable) the patch is biocompatible. For disinfection, the patch can be immersed in an alcohol bath. 


• Compact sensor solution
• High accuracy
• Non-invasive
• Enabling continuous monitoring
• Mountable to numerous body positions
• Biocompatible


• Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) monitoring
• Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) pattern identification
• Sepsis screening
• Healthcare staff monitoring
• Worker safety
• Patient monitoring
• Circadian cycle
• Early diagnosis of thermoregulatory


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Product Name:
gSKIN® Fever Temp Patch
Article Number:
gSKIN® Fever Temp Patch includes:
1 gSKIN® Fever Temp Patch, 20 medical grade double-sided adhesive tapes, 1 Android App for data download, 1 Micro-B USB charging cable
The Patch consists of a reusable sensor core and a disposable doublesided adhesive. The adhesive is double-sided and medical grade
Dimensions (diameter x thickness) [mm]:
36 x 8
Mass including battery [g]:
Power supply:
Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (via USB)
Data storage capacity [hours]:
Data output streams:
Core body temperature, skin temperature, device orientation (X Y Z acceleration)
Minimum (typical) Battery life [days]:
> 3 (5)
Sampling rate [Hz]:
Skin temperature accuracy [°C]:
± 0.1
Body temperature accuracy [°C]:
± 0.26 (chest)
Special features:
Smartphone application (Android) - Live display of current skin and body temperature (via app)
Hardware calibration is performed at the factory with +/- 0.1°C accuracy