gSKIN® Digital Sensor Data Logger Kit

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gSKIN® Digital Sensor Data Logger Kit for easy and precise heat flux measurements.


  • Quick & Easy Set-up: No hassle with calibration, soldering wires or incompatible data loggers.
  • MultiLog connects up to three XO-67 5D-Temp sensors.
  • Monitor ongoing temperature and heat flux measurements via the MultiLog’s LED display.
  • Electronics within the sensor outputs a digital signal that is less susceptible to environmental interference and user-dependent setup.
  • Applications: R&D, thermal optimization, energy efficiency, industrial monitoring of thermal properties.


gSKIN® Digital Sensor Data Logger Kit datasheet

gSKIN® Digital Sensor Data Logger Kit Manual

Software downloading (ask greenTEG for the password)

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gSKIN Digital Sensor Data Logger Kit
Product Type:
Heat flux sensor with integrated temperature sensor and digital data logger.
Temperature measurement resolution [°C]:
Detector Type:
Heat flux measurement range [kW/m2]:
+/- 35
Sensing Dimensions [mm]:
30.0 x 30.0 x 3.3
Operating temperature range [°C]:
-50 to +80
Heat flux sensor resolution [W/m2]:
Temperature measurement accuracy [°C]:
+/- 0.1
Surface Material (Sensing Area):
Min./Avg.1 heatflux sensor sensitivity [μV/(W/m2)]:
10 / 20
Heat flux measurement accuracy [%]:
+/- 3