Router solution for CORE

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215.00CHF - 349.95CHF
Delivery will take 5-10 working days - WASP POE2 50+ Discontinued - Only 1 unit left in stock sold with a discount
Battery / Power over Ethernet
Wi-Fi / Ethernet
50 + / 100+ per router
10+ m
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Product Overview

Router solution for CORE body temperature monitor

We offer a router solution able to monitor multiple CORE and other devices simultaneously inside your organization.

Features & Benefits

The WASP-PoE-2 [Discontinued - 1 item available with discount] and the WASP-PoE-4 have the following features:

  • Ethernet connection to your network
  • 50/100+ ANT+/ BLE devices per router
  • Multiple radio bridges, 2/4 N550 bridges
  • Powered by PoE voltages of +36-72VDC
  • 10/100 Auto-selecting Ethernet Port

For all router solutions the CORE devices can be tracked on a dashboard for IOS and Windows devices. An open documented API is also available for integrating or building your own custom tracking application(s).

Documents & downloads

WASP-POE setup

WASP Startup guide for CORE

Temperature Monitoring with WASP user guide


(No reviews yet) Write a Review