Continuous Vital Monitoring Exploration Kit

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Continuous Vital Monitoring Exploration Kit by greenTEG.

Data Capture Exploration Kit for greenTEG CORE.
Automated + 24/7 CBT Monitoring: CORE as part of the Leitwert Device Hub.

Kick-start your journey towards automated and continuous data collection with our plug-and-play technology bundle.

Bundle consists of:

  • 6x CORE® + 1 x charging bay
  • 2 Chest Straps
  • 1 Arm Strap
  • 48 additional adhesive Medical Patches
  • 1x Leitwert Gateway
  • 3-mt device hub trial account on (SAAS)
    (up to 10 devices, up to 5 users)
  • Training Session / Account Setup incl.