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1 unit
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99 units
Article number:
CORE includes:
1 CORE® Body Temp Patch, 6 medical grade double-sided adhesive tapes, 1 Android/iOS App for data downloading, 1 USB charging cable.
Dimensions (diameter x thickness x hight) [mm]:
50 mm * 40 mm * 8.35 mm
Mass including battery [g]:
Power supply:
Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (via USB)
Battery life (Standby) [days]:
Constant transmit time >6 (60)
Data storage capacity [hours]:
Sampling rate:
1 per minute
Skin temperature accuracy [°C]:
±0.05°C (typical) or ±0.13°C (max) from 20°C to 42°C
Body temperature accuracy on chest compared to electronic ingestible pills [°C]:
± 0.28 (1σ) ;± 0.21 (MAD) (chest)
Factory calibration
Charging time:
~ 2 hours (full battery)
IP rating:
IP 67
Product features:
- Smartphone application (Android/iOS/WatchOS/Wear OS/Garmin) - Live display of current skin and body temperature (via app) - Standard BLE temperature profile for any devices
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Product Overview

What is CORE body temperature monitor ?

CORE is the only wearable non-invasive, continuous, and accurate Core Body Temperature monitoring solution. The innovative sensor technology is built into a compact waterproof device that can be comfortably worn during sports activities, at work, or all day long.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact: 50 mm x 40 mm x 8.35 mm and weighs 12 grams
  • Highly accurate core body temperature: ±0.21 °C MAD
  • Non-invasive (used on the chest)
  • Not impacted by environment thermal influences
  • Battery life: 6 days continuous transmission time (up to 6 weeks with sleep mode)
  • Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (via USB cable supplied)

In addition:

  • Waterproof up to 1.5m (refer to IPX7)
  • Bluetooth BLE & ANT+ Connectivity
  • App support: iOS, Android, WatchOS, Wear OS, and Garmin ConnectIQ.

CORE includes:

  • CORE 
  • USB charging cable
  • Adhesive patches
  • Android/iOS App for data downloading

Wireless connectivity

The new CORE app has been re-designed from scratch and can now deliver live and historical core body temperature data and advanced insights to all CORE sensor users. The CORE app has been designed with daily users of the core body temperature monitor in mind, with a focus on endurance sports athletes.

CORE app for Sport Science and Performance is available: 


All the information about CORE app is available here. CORE app has accompanying Smart Phone Apps available for iOS and Android.Apps for selected Smartwatch and WatchOS are coming soon. CORE connects to Garmin devices with the CORE ConnectIQ App. Wahoo devices can also be connected to CORE. It is also compatible with selected popular third-party software and integration with more devices and software is continuing.

The CALERAresearch app is also available for research and B2B customers. The CALERAresearch app will continue to offer the existing features of the previous app, but in a simpler way. The app and its additional tools (USB COREtool) have been developed for researchers and B2B customers which require a more in-depth analysis of their temperature data, dealing with large volumes of data from multiple core body temperature monitors.

Want to use CORE for SPORTS or at work (heavy blue collar work)?

Turn on your heart rate monitor and click the heart rate icon. The app will guide through the pairing setup.

Medical Use
CORE is not medCE or FDA certified and must not be used for medical nor diagnostic purposes.

Warranty Information

CORE has a warranty of one year under Swiss law.


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