UVAL Wireless System (Formerly gOMS II)

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UVAL Wireless System
Article Number:
UVAL Wireless System Includes:
Base Station Logging System w/ Charger; Versatile Measuring Nodes; Heat Flux and Surface Temperature Sensor; Surface Temperature Sensor; Ambient Temperature Sensor; Travel Case; Ambient Temperature Clips; Mounting Strips and Tape;
Heat Flux Resolution [W/m²]:
Temperature Accuracy [°C]:
+/- 0.1
Min. Heat Flux Sensor Sensitivity (S) [µV/(W/m²)]:
7.0 (sensor calibration data already loaded onto logger for simple and fast plug-and-play measurements)
Data Storage Capacity [# measurements]:
Node Battery Lifetime [Years]:
Base Station Battery Lifetime [Days]:
Installation - Software sent by email / via download link
Node Dimensions (mm):
75 x 75 x 35 (excluding antenna)
Base Station (Logger) Dimensions (mm):
120 x 75 x 25 (excluding Antenna)
Measurement Standards:
ISO 9869-1:2014, ASTM 31046 / ASTM C1155
Measurements Computed/Obtained:
U-Value; R-Value; Heat Flux; Surface Temperature; Ambient Temperature
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Product Overview

UVAL Wireless System - (formerly gOMS II)

Wireless and Modular U-Value and R-Value/λ-Value Measurement System


greenteg's second generation wireless U-value and R-value measurement solution - capable of scaling to 5 U-Value measurement points.

  • Accurate U-Value and R-Value Measurements
  • Wireless measurement set-up
  • Remote Measurement Access
  • Up to 5 Measurement Points at Once
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Measurement of Surface, Room and Outdoor Temperatures
  • ISO 9869 and ASTM 31046/C1155 verifying software

Remote Measurement Access allows you to view your measurements from anywhere in the world - meaning you don't have to attend the measurement site itself. 

NOTE: This product uses a sub-GHz Communication link at 868 MHz

This product can therefore be used in Europe, and most of Africa & the Middle East



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Building Data Sheets


If you are interested in purchasing larger quantities, please contact info@greenteg.com


(No reviews yet) Write a Review