U-Value and Heat Flux Measurement Kit (Black Edition)

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This limited-edition u-value kit has special black cables and an extended 10-meter cable length for the outside temperature sensor. This U-Value Kit is a pre-calibrated Plug-and-Play solution for the building industry and ideal for measuring the u-value of roofs and floors with unrivalled accuracy, using our powerful gSKIN Heat Flux technology.


  • Calibrated Plug-and-Play solution.
  • Highly durable black cables.
  • Customized 10-meter cable length for outside temperature sensor.
  • Measurement of U-value (W/(m²K)), heat flux (W/m²), and temperature (°C).
  • Compatible with standards ISO 9869 and ASTM C1046 /ASTM C1155.
  • Stores up to 2 million data points.
  • Battery lifetime >1 month.
  • Highly sensitive ambient temperature sensors.
  • Read-out software tool included.
  • Compact design.
  • USB interface.
  • Comes with MOUNT-1235 (double sided adhesive tape).


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gSKIN KIT U-Value datasheet (Black Edition)

gSKIN U-Value Kit Manual

Checklist EN

Software for U-Value Kit

gSKIN KIT U-Wert Datenblatt

gSKIN U-Wert KIT Gebrauchsanleitung

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gSKIN® KIT-3610C (calibrated)
Article Number:
gSKIN® KIT includes (for more details consult the datasheets of the individual products):
Sensor: gSKIN®-XO 67 7C (30mm x 30mm), Logger: gSKIN® DLOG-4231, double-sided mounting tape (MOUNT-1235) and a compact travel suitcase (250mm x 260mm)
Heat Flux Range Min / Max [W/m²]:
Heat Flux Sensor Resolution [W/m²]:
Temperature Sensor Accuracy [°C]:
±0.5 (-10...+46 °C) ±2.0 (-55...+125 °C)
Min./Avg. Sensor Sensitivity (S) [µV/(W/m²)]:
10.0/14.0 (individual sensor sensitivity is already loaded onto logger for simple application).
Data Storage Capacity [# measurements]:
Battery Lifetime [days]:
>30 at default measurement frequency (1/m). The integrated battery is rechargeable with a USB cable.
Software tool is included for free and is available via download link from our download page (password is provided after purchase is complete).
Operating System:
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Logger Dimensions (mm):
52 x 20 x 15
Bit Resolution [bits]:
Operation Modes:
Autonomous / Live
Operating Temperature Range Min/Max [°C]:
-40 / 100 (-25 / 65 for Logger)
Heat Flux Sensor Calibration Accuracy:
Heat Flux Sensor Calibration Temperature Range Min/Max:
-30 / 70 °C
Heat Flux Sensor Cable Length [m]:
1.5 (with connector)
Temperature Sensor 1 / 2 Cable Length [m]:
10.0 / 1.0
Measurement Frequency:
1/s to 1/h
Computer Interface: