PCB-mounted Laser Detector – gRAY B05-MC

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PCB-mounted Laser Detector – gRAY B05-MC

PCB-mounted Laser Detector Diameter: 35mm Sensitvity: >70mV/W


  • - Laser Detector on a metal-core PCB (acts as heat sink), no thermal integration needed
  • - Absolute power sensing of lasers down to 10 µW
  • - Simple, compact and robust mounting
  • - Sensitive to all wavelengths from UV to MIR
  • - Wide power range from µW to W
  • - Thermal background compensation
  • - Optional: integrated NTC or platinum thermistor
  • - Available with NIST/PTB traceable calibration


Product gRAY® B05-MC (calibrated)
Article Number A-171341
Detector Type thermal absorber
Spectral Range [μm] 0.19 - 15
Board Diameter (d) [mm] 35.0
PCB Base Material 1.5mm Alu-Core PCB
Product Thickness (t) [mm] 2.5
Sensing Area (a x b) [mm x mm] 10.0 x 10.0
Max. Power [W] 5 (additional cooling necessary e.g. heat sink)
Noise Equivalent Power a [μW] 10
Max. Average Power Density [kW/cm2] 1.5
Typical Power Resolution with gSKIN® DLOG b [μW] 9
Max. Average Power Density [kW/cm²] 500
Min. Sensitivity (Z) [mV/W] 70
Temperature Dependence of Z [%/°C] 0.125
Integrated Temperature Sensor NTC 10kOhm
Response Time (0-95%) [s] 0.5c / 1.5
Operating Temperature Range Min / Max [°C] -50 / 100
Cooling Method conduction, convection
Homogeneity d [±%] 1
Linearity with Power [±%] 0.5
Electrical Connection solder pads
Mounting Method screws (2 x M2) and/or thermal glue gSKIN® MOUNT-1213

a Experimentally evaluated values under optimal steady state conditions. b For applications with highest precision requirements. greenTEG recommends an optical calibration once the gRAY sensor is integrated into the final system c Anticipated . d Position dependent signal change across sensing area for beam diameters down to 1.5mm.

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