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Heat Flux Sensor – gSKIN®-XM

gSKIN® XM (calibrated) Size: 4.4mm x 4.4mm Resolves 0.41 W/m2 - 7.9 µW - 140 µK


  • - Ultra-high resolution of thermal energies and temperature differences
  • - Low invasiveness and thickness
  • - Models with connector compatible with all gSKIN® DLOG Data Loggers
  • - All sensors with conductive heat flux calibration cohering to ISO 8301
  • - Applications: R&D, thermal optimization, energy efficiency, industrial monitoring of thermal properties
gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensors Datasheet
gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensors Instruction Manual
Product  gSKIN® XM 
Article Number A-044336
Detector Type Thermoelectric
Surface Material (Sensing Area) Aluminum
Sensing Dimensions (a x b x d) [mm x mm x mm] 4.4 x 4.4 x 0.5
Heat Flux Range Min / Max [kW/m²] -150 / 150
Noise Equivalent Heat Flux a per area [W/m²] / absolute [μW] 0.340 / 6.6
Heat Flux Resolution per area [W/m2] with gSKIN® DLOG b / absolute [μW] 0.41 / 7.9
Temperature Difference Resolution [μK] ~140
Min. Sensitivity (S) [μV/(W/m²)] 1.5
Temperature Dependence of S [%/°C] 0.25
Response Time (0-95%) [s] 0.7
Electrical Resistance [Ohm] < 20
Absolut Thermal Resistance [K/W] 41
Max. Compressive Force when clamped [kgf] < 2
Operating Temperature Range Min/Max [°C] -50 / 150
Calibration Temperature Range Min/Max c [°C] -30 / 70
Calibration Accuracy [±%] 3
Homogeneity d [±%] 1
Linearity with Power [±%] 1
Flexprint Length [cm] 5
Flexprint Length (f) [cm] 5
Cable Length (c) [cm] 100

a Experimentally evaluated values under optimal steady state conditions. b Guaranteed minimum heat flux resolution using the gSKIN® DLOG-4219. c Conductive heat flux calibration cohering to the ISO8301 standard with mean temperature of 22.5 °C. d Position dependent signal change across sensing area.

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